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Medicine on Time

Do you have difficulty keeping track of your medications? Are you frustrated with the time consuming task of keeping track of them? Are you concerned about a loved one that needs help managing medications? If so, Health First Pharmacy Medicine On Time® is for you. We offer a convenient, simple way to keep track of daily medication administration, so there is no guessing, “Was this dose taken?” No more keeping track of your medications every day – a quick look at the “bubble pack” and you will know instantly if any doses were missed.
We have a delivery service for all Medicine On Time® clients. We deliver to individuals, facilities, and home health patients monthly, and deliver as needed items as they come in. We will repackage medications during the month if new prescriptions are added or if a medication is discontinued.
Health First Pharmacy Medicine On Time®, a convenient way to simplify your life.
To get started with Medicine-On-Time®, complete these two forms and call the Health First Pharmacy.
1. New Patient Form
2. Application for Charge Account

Free Home Delivery

Health First Pharmacy offers Free Delivery of prescriptions to the residences of its customers, including assisted living residences, group homes and rest homes. Health First Pharmacy employs dozens of delivery drivers who navigate the roads, brave the Boston weather, and tolerate the traffic six days per week so customers can receive their medications and other health needs. There are no catches, no fine print, delivery is free to all customers all the time. Customers are encouraged to use this service and to add other non-prescriptions items to their order ... we're coming anyway so why not replenish your supply of toothpaste or aspirin. * Offered in participating pharmacies. Ask your pharmacist for this service.

Prescription refill

Our online service lets you refill any prescription currently on file at your Health First Pharmacy. It's quick and easy; all you need is your Health First Pharmacy and prescription numbers and an Internet connection. Order refills any time of the day or night, from work or home. You don't even have to enter a password or credit card number - just pay when you pick your prescription(s) up. Online refills will be available for you to pick up at a time you choose during regular Health First Pharmacy hours.